For neuromuscular diseases, movement is a crucial physical measure that provides evaluation criteria to decrypt the efficiency of a therapy. Syde is a digital biomarker platform that captures continuously relevant Real World Data for the patient motion activity thanks to wearable sensors. Our platform includes a wearable for precise real-life movement capture, algorithms for D.E.P.  calculation, compliance check and reporting services.

It provides meaningful variables thanks to a precise hardware that collects data. Syde platform is CE marked and offers consistent results that satisfy the constraints of clinical trials such as regulatory requirements, data security and privacy. Former version of Syde, Actimyo has been used to create SV95C, the first digital endpoint approved by the EMA in 2019.


From data to analysis,
according to your needs

A holter of movement, including gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers, collects accurate motion data and enables to analyse movement through the following modules.

The « lower limb » module:

This module can be used for instance in the stride monitoring, in cases of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Research is on-going for several neuromuscular disease (SMA, FSHD) and neurological troubles disease (Angelman syndrome, SLA, …)

  • Stride
  • Gait
  • Ascending & descending stairs
  • Walking perimeter
  • Fall

The « upper limb » module:

This module is useful in the monitoring of power and reach of movements, for instance in cases of SMA, myopathies or limb girdle dystrophy, or to check the coordination of movements in cases of ataxia.

  • Upper activity
  • Movement reach
  • Hand movement while walking (compensary movement)

The « movement disorder » module:

The module can be used in the monitoring of patients suffering from FSHD and Parkinson.

  • Frequency, duration, amplitude of shaking
  • Kinesia analysis

The « on demand » module:

Patient at the center of Syde design

Tests for clinical trials or diagnosis should not be a burden neither to the patients and their families nor the clinical teams.

But patient motor function is complex, with a combination of short-term variability such as fatigue or social environment and long-term evolutions such as training, disease progression, treatment effect. The precise continuous evaluation of motor function in real life enabled by Syde helps overcoming the shortcomings/bias of assessment done in clinics.

To be as reliable as possible sensors must be worn continuously and adapt to the patient environment and lifestyle. Syde has been designed in partnership with physicians and improved through 12 years of experience, interacting and carefully listening to patients and healthcare professional feedbacks in clinical trials in order to engineer features that meet their needs.

Sysnav Healthcare teams have worked to overcome the weaknesses of most of the commercially available technologies using inertial sensors.

The features

Designing high precision equiment is in the DNA of Sysnav. Precision is #1 priority to collect highly trustworthy and meaningful data. Syde is now precise enough to be qualified by the EMA.

As digital technology becomes the norm in healthcare, Sysnav is taking a big commitment to keep patients data secured & private. No location-tracking data are generated or collected, and security is at the center of the development of our devices & processes.

Take Syde on the go: with it’s nomad pack, Syde will record and store data all week long even without connexion & power. Data will be transferred & analyzed when you’re back !

Syde’s sensors got small. Invisible under trousers, discrete at wrists, light with its bracelet, designed for comfort, Syde likes to go unnoticed !

Technology progress can ryhme with esthetic and appealing design. Syde adapts to your taste whatever your age.

Syde was designed so that technology fit the patient, not the other way round. Hassle free, Syde is easy to use and you’ll quickly forget about it !

Syde can withstand shocks, bumps of everyday life, so that you don’t have to think about it during your activities!

Child running on hopscotch

A comprehensive solution
designed for clinical trials

High precision sensors for 3D trajectory reproduction

Syde is composed of two sensors that include:


  • Gyroscopes for angular velocities
  • Accelerometers for linear acceleration
  • Magnetometers for the magnetic field
  • Barometers for elevations


Combined with Sysnav magneto inertial technology it provides high precision continuous real-life data collection to reconstruct 3D trajectory and offer a wide range of possibilities regarding clinical outcome assessments.

Dedicated services to efficiently collect Real World Data

Our device is acknowledged by the European Medical Agency as a secondary endpoint in clinical studies about the Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

(EMA, 2018, )

Syde - A cutting-edge digital endpoint platform

A handy device

The Syde device is easy to use for patients and caregivers.
We provide specific trainings and support to clinicians and caregivers, and proven and effective ways of working to clinical research organisations.

Testimonies of
patients associations

User feedback : 87% of patients using ActiMyo tolerate it well or very well. Patients find the device easy to use and light,
and do feel more implicated and motivated to move while wearing it.

Our focus is obviously in therapeutics.
We want to see the improvement in the quality of life of patients.
In doing that, we would like to come up with the best outcome assessments that all other
can use in order to stop reinventing the wheel.

Allyson Berent

Angelman US Association

My child is happy to have
its own « smartwatch »

My kid thinks it’s a cool device,
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