Revolution in clinical trials

When high precision technology meets clinical expertise, it opens new possibilities for neuromuscular and neurological diseases treatments.

Syde, a novel digital endpoint platform provides accurate real-world data on patient mobility in their daily environment.

Real-world data opens a new era for neurological diseases with more accurate & faster evidence of therapeutic efficacy.

SYSNAV Healthcare brings an all-in-one solution with its digital endpoint platform, including the only digital endpoint qualified by EMA.

A cutting-edge digital endpoint platform

Syde captures motion data with extreme precision, a requirement to derive meaningful Real-World Evidence.

From protocol to movement, from movement to real-world data, from real-world data to real-world evidence, Syde combines high precision wearable sensors, efficient algorithms of calculation, and comprehensive services for a reliable and seamless experience.

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SYSNAV Healthcare -
A trusted partner

Since 2010, SYSNAV Healthcare has partnered with a wide range of stakeholders in the field of neuromuscular and neurological pathologies, building a solid and trusted ecosystem of knowledge and know-how. In a collaborative approach, we create efficient tools to pave the way for real-world evidence in medical practices.

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