Sysnav participated to the SMA Europe 2022 summit in Barcelona. A great chance to reconnect with patients & the vibrant SMA community.

The last 6 years revolutionized SMA. Access to 3 treatments has reshaped the perspectives for patients:

  • by allowing to stop progression of the disease, treatments give the chance to patients to plan, to project themselves & hence live their dream
  • Detecting SMA before symptoms is key to effectiveness of the treatments
  • SMA became a treatable disease, but this is only the beginning of the (new) road: we need to go back to R&D and further improve treatments & help find treatment for the “old” patients.


To further improve the lives of patients, finer tools will be needed to better understand & anticipate progression of the disease or quantify therapy effectiveness for each individuals. This is where Sysnav mission lies and what Sysnav wants to contribute to the SMA community: powering the SMA community with objective & reliable data to help accelerate medical progress.

We presented first results showing how real-world variables can be a precise tool to quantify improvement of upper limb function for non ambulant patients.