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SYSNAV Healthcare is the first global player to develop a digital endpoint qualified by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) as representative of the patient’s motor functions and suitable for use in clinical studies. SYSNAV Healthcare aims to unlock the potential of real-world data in the medical field by adapting extremely precise motion-capture solutions based on magneto-inertial technology to the needs of health care professionals and patients.

Sysnav Healthcare stands for:

  • Trustworthiness: The Syde platform is able to provide patient motion measurements captured in real-life environments that can help understand neurological and neuromuscular patterns.

  • Clinical meaningfulness: SYSNAV Healthcare designs and qualifies reliable digital clinical outcomes meaningful for patients and regulators

  • Patient comfort and compliance: Collecting data in the most respectful and seamless way is paramount. As part of SYSNAV Healthcare's patient-centric approach, we partner with patient associations to improve compliance through product improvement, design, and services.

Syde, our digital biomarker platform, is designed to ease clinical trials for patients and provide pharmaceutical companies with precise, objective real-world data approved by regulators and valued by patients’ communities. 

Sysnav Healthcare and its partners empower medical progress with digital endpoints and extreme precision technology: fewer patients are required to conduct faster clinical trials, meaningful outcomes to be measured are co-designed and adopted by patient associations and disease experts. Regulators can base their decisions on reliable and rigorous real-world evidence.

SYSNAV Healthcare history

Starting point
Several studies using commercial wearables fail to prove molecule efficacy. It is the starting point for Sysnav to considerate the need of high precision tools in clinical fields
Proof of technology
SYSNAV Healthcare developed its motion reconstruction device, packaged in an at-home capable device
First approval
ActiMyo is approved by NHS and the variable is defined. It is developed and improved with patients and clinical centers.
SV95 qualification as secondary endpoint
The clinical outcome assessment SV95C obtains the EMA qualification as a secondary endpoint for DMD.
Syde launch
A new device is designed based on patients' and caregivers' advice: size and weight got miniaturized, autonomy and usability have been improved.
Roche Partnership
Sysnav Healthcare and Roche enter a partnership to expand success beyond Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

SV95 qualification as a primary endpoint
SV95C is the first regulatory-qualified real-world digital outcome measure for use as a primary endpoint in pivotal studies of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Leading-edge technologies

Extending the benefits of extreme precision technology to medical challenges 

By constantly improving its digital endpoint platform, Sysnav Healthcare provides ever more accurate data thanks to a cutting-edge technology backed by more than 20 patents.


First sensor generation (2011)
Syde (2021)
the second sensor generation

The magneto-inertial tachymeter (MIT) is a patented technology by Sysnav. Based on a unique approach that merges inertial data and terrestrial magnetic data, SYSNAV innovations, rewarded by the MIT Technology Review, have created a new generation of magneto-inertial technology that enables precise motion capture.

Our approach combines inertial sensor calibration and trajectory calculation algorithms, along with the integration of variations in the geomagnetic field to determine speed and deviation with greater accuracy.

Several inertial sensors in Syde continuously collect precise 3-dimensional data. The data are transmitted remotely to our servers and then analyzed by our algorithms to reconstruct movement trajectories. Our data scientists use this information to develop disease-specific endpoints addressing the patient's relevant aspect of life.

Our team

Since the very start of the company, SYSNAV has focused on innovation, scientific excellence, teamwork, discipline, creativity and the desire to find solutions to complex equations and to advance on unresolved projects where others have not succeeded yet. Scientific curiosity and the taste for strategic challenges guide our missions.

SYSNAV Healthcare was created by the meeting of neuromuscular physicians and experts in search of innovative tools to improve and accelerate researchers and French experts in motion capture, driven by the major scientific challenge to adapt the innovative and ground-breaking magneto inertial technology to useful fields. 

Driven by humility and relentless desire to improve patient quality of life, the 30 engineers and experts of Sysnav Healthcare put strong partnerships with key health stakeholders (patient associations, scientific communities, physicians, regulators, pharmaceutical companies…) at the center of their approach to adapt in the most relevant way our technology to health challenges/to answer the needs of both science and patients. Through cooperation and scientific input, we aim to accelerate medical progress by improving clinical trials, facilitating strategic decisions, and opening the road to personalized medicine with reliable, precise, and meaningful real-world data.

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