Movement is a critical aspect of neuromuscular and neurological disorders. Its precise assessment is a crucial aspect to better understand disease progression or therapeutic efficacy. 

 Syde is a digital endpoint platform that 

  • continuously captures real-world movement data
  • provides meaningful variables including SV95C (the first digital endpoint approved by the EMA)
  • can be deployed in clinical trials 


The Syde platform includes two wearable sensors for precise movement capture, a back-end IT platform with algorithms for digital endpoint calculation, and services for clinical operations.


From protocol to endpoints

SYSNAV Healthcare developed a unique sensor technology to measure motion patterns, along with algorithms to transform real-world data into variables and endpoints. They represent patients’ comprehensive activity for upper and/or lower limbs in the context of clinical research. Future use might include support for diagnosis, patient stratification, therapeutic efficacy monitoring, and medical indication claims.

« Lower limb » module:


This module can be used for instance in the stride monitoring, in cases of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Research is on-going for several neuromuscular disease (SMA, FSHD) and neurological troubles disease (Angelman syndrome, SLA, …)

  • Stride
  • Gait
  • Ascending & descending stairs
  • Walking perimeter

« Upper limb » module:

This module is useful in the monitoring of power and reach of movements, for instance in cases of SMA, myopathies or limb girdle dystrophy, or to check the coordination of movements in cases of ataxia.

  • Upper activity
  • Movement reach
  • Hand movement while walking (compensary movement)

« Movement disorder » module:

The module can be used in the monitoring of patients suffering from FSHD and Parkinson.

  • Frequency, duration, amplitude of shaking
  • Kinesia analysis


« On demand » module:

Patient at the center of Syde design

Tests for clinical trials should not be a burden on patients, their families, or clinical teams. But patient motor function is complex, with short-term variability such as fatigue and long-term evolutions such as disease progression or the effects of treatment.

 Syde enables precise, continuous evaluation of motor function in real life, limiting or eliminating shortcomings and bias associated with assessments done in clinics.

Syde has been designed and improved in partnership with healthcare professionals and patient associations in order to engineer features that meet their needs and to make wearing the sensors comfortable,  whatever the patient’s lifestyle, which is crucial for reliable data.

Meeting the needs of patients and professionals

Syde was designed so that technology fit the patient, not the other way round. Hassle-free, Syde is easy to use and you’ll quickly forget about it!

Thanks to the magneto-inertial technology, Syde is designed to withstand indoor and outdoor. With its nomad pack, Syde will record and store data all week long even without connexion. Data will be transferred & analyzed when the patient will connect the sensors to the docking station.

Syde’s sensors are small enough to remain invisible under trousers, discrete at wrists, light with its bracelet, designed for comfort, Syde likes to go unnoticed.

Technology progress can rhyme with esthetic and appealing design. Syde adapts to patient’s tastes whatever their age.

Syde sensors are waterproof to comply with patient lifestyle and robust enough so that the patient does not have to worry moving. They can withstand shocks, bumps of everyday life, so that patients don’t have to worry about restraining their movement in order to protect them during their activities.

Designing high precision equiment is in the DNA of Sysnav. Precision is #1 priority to collect highly trustworthy and meaningful data.

As digital technology becomes the norm in healthcare, Sysnav is taking a big commitment to keep patients' data secured & private. No location-tracking data are generated or collected, and security is at the center of the development of our devices & processes.


A comprehensive solution

High precision sensors for 3D trajectory reconstruction

With the data collected thanks to the magneto inertial technology and different sensors, Syde provides high precision continuous real-life data collection to reconstruct 3D trajectory and offer a wide range of possibilities regarding clinical outcome assessments

Upper Limb Reachable Workspace

Easy-to-use package for immediate data collection

Each Syde case contains ready-to-use elements to quickly start data collection:

  • Sensors
  • Docking station
  • All the accessories (ethernet and power cables, comfortable bracelets for ankles or wrists, user manuals, USB drives, etc.)
  • A spare battery (use during weekends and holidays)
  • A practical transport case

A trusted partner for your clinical operations

Sysnav Healthcare provides an all-in-one solution to assess the efficacy of a treatment complying with regulatory requirements. Syde is a complete and easy-to-use digital endpoint platform equipped with dedicated services and teams to efficiently deploy the technology, whatever the patient geographic situation and even if the HCP teams are not tech-savvy. 

  • Definition of the variables according to the protocol of your clinical test 
  • Secured shipment and logistics 
  • Help center and training for caregivers, physicians, and medical teams to use Syde
  • Compliance monitoring and support to clinical centers 
  • Data management and analysis
  • Insights and recommendations for your clinical trial success


We provide a ready-to-use report, including real-world data and a set of variables according to the study needs.


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SV95C: the first regulatory-qualified real-world digital outcome

SV95C is the first regulatory-qualified real-world digital outcome measure for use as a primary endpoint in pivotal studies of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). It represents the top 5% fastest strides a patient spontaneously takes in their normal daily environment over a pre-defined time period. SV95C can be applied in therapeutic, confirmatory, and natural history studies.

Testimonies of
patient associations

87% of patients using ActiMyo tolerate it well or very well. Patients find the wearable sensor easy to use and light,
and do feel more implicated and motivated to move while wearing it.

Additional applications for Syde includes the evolution of patients with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. SYSNAV Healthcare provides clinical studies with more sensitive and reliable outcome measures that we miss today.

Laurent Servais

Professor of pediatric neuromuscular diseases at the MDUK Oxford Neuromuscular Centre

Covid-19 pandemic experience has disrupted the course of several clinical trials and illustrated the interest of collecting data in a real-life setting

Laurent Servais

SV95C represents the spontaneous maximal velocity of patients at home and thus an image of patients real-life top performances

Lena Szabo (Head of neurology ward in 2nd department of Pediatrics in Hungary)